Friday, October 9, 2009

Last Ones... For Real This Time

This is it! These are the last ones I'm making before tomorrow. I should have been done earlier, but as I was leaving the fabric store with my no-good-ivory-thread (unbeknown to me at the time), I saw the new Amy Butler fabric near the door. Who? What? What?! Of course I bought some. Later on that. Here are the boy car seat blankets:

This is as close as I've been to making the same cover twice. The difference is this one is reversible and I made the chocolate on blue the "wrap around" this time. Hmmm. Looks the same.

Vintage style cowboys & cowgirls at a rodeo. Why do I always have a cowboy one?

And now, the one that stopped me in my tracks when I was so close to being done. I love these colors, but I never would have put them together. Amy Butler is a genius! If my sister, Allyn, was having a baby girl, this would be her's. And I would insist that she do all her baby stuff in this color. I'm in charge like that.


allyn said...

OHMYGOODNESS!!! i hadn't seen it yet. it is gorgeous. can i really have it, can i? i mean, do i have to be pregnant to merit the postage?

that is beautiful. a.b. has out done herself again.

amylouwho said...

well, I'm having a baby in the spring. Maybe you need to give it to Allyn and then she can surprise me with it! :)