Friday, January 6, 2012

The Warmest Canopy. Ever.

I found this flannel and had to buy it. With minky, of course. The result is seriously the warmest car seat blanket you can buy. Buy it in our shop!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gray is the New Black

Who knew that gray would come back into style - and with a vengeance? Remember when people used to paint their houses gray and white in the early 1990's? We're doing it again. And I'm buying as much gray material as possible apparently. I made these three canopies for our shop and then realized they're all gray. Plus, there's one more I made for the display/sample for the darling quilt shop I work at. You see, they're kind enough to carry our patterns (which you can also buy in our shop), and they fly off the shelves if there's a sample of the perfect design sitting next to the patterns.

Secretly, this canopy makes me want to go back to Hawaii and golf at Kapalua Bay. Anyone else?
p.s. No snickering about my nasty grass. It's January 4th here in Utah, and there's no snow. Totally gross.