Friday, October 29, 2010

Michael Miller Black and Lime Dots

I've made two car seat blankets out of this awesome dot fabric from Michael Miller. The first one (made with black striped minky) sold within a couple of days. I know I almost kept the gray minky one for my baby.
car seat canopy with elastic

Rat Race!

I laughed out loud (literally) when I saw this fabric. I had to do a car seat blanket out of it. Too funny! I paired it with a charcoal gray minky that is so soft I want to make sheets out of it. Seriously. Anyway, buy it here.
car seat canopy with elastic-tucked back

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I thought my love affair with Michael Miller's "Plain Jane" fabric had ended because I couldn't find it at any of my usual fabric store haunts.  In fact, I had only seen the giant daisies in one store ever.  I happened to be at that far away store and noticed they had a little bit of the black and red left.  Irresistible.  So here is the last one.  For real:

OK - maybe it's not the last one.  I might have enough of the navy and yellow giant daisy (this store was hiding it, I'm sure of it) to make one of those...

One of the first car seat blankets I made was with the blue version of this sweet toy parade.  The color is so gentle and "baby" and lovely, but it doesn't photograph well.  At least I don't photograph it well.

Just trust me - especially with the minky, this one is delicious.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cowboy and Cotton Blossoms

Now that the weather is cooler, we're back in the mood for minky.  This first one was a special order - her main request was cow fabric to match the interior of her car seat.  I knew I'd seen it everywhere, so I told her it was no problem.  Before I went to every store I know of and found out that everyone loves them some cow fabric.  BAH.  Luckily it was very easy to find online - that just meant an extra week or two to get the order out.

The next one is more of Moda's Cotton Blossoms, this time in red.  Kristi made a pink one and it was so beautiful that it didn't last in the etsy shop for very long.  This one also has minky on the inside.  Very snuggly.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Popular Plain Jane

If I had known many many months ago that the navy, yellow, and white daisy fabric of Michael Miller's Plain Jane line was going to be so popular, I would have bought a lot more of it.  Instead, I had to scour the land for some of the small daisies (the big daisy print is long gone).  This was a custom order - different because I used minky on the back.  (Somehow we've kept our promise that every blanket is unique!)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

BLISSfully Sweet

I went to The Quilting Cottage for something completely unrelated, and ended up with this fabric in stead. I had to get some and make this car seat blanket out of it. Again, I was sad for a nano-second that my baby isn't a girl. So many cute fabric choices out there for girls! This one is Moda's new line, "Bliss." And, yes, the bottom is that yummy paisley minky. I look forward to making more minky car seat blankets soon now that the weather is turning colder. So cuddle-y and warm!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Feeling Fancy

My four year-old daughter is really getting into Fancy Nancy lately.  These last two car seat blankets seem a little fancy to me, too.  I'm easily influenced, apparently. :)

And this one is especially French and classic.  Everything but the color is very Fancy Nancy.

I really like the black and white car seat blankets.  Perfect for baby to focus on and so many other colors will work with it.