Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fun Stuff for the Boutique

We've been sewing like crazy the last few days getting ready for the Tuscany Neighborhood Boutique on Saturday, October 10th (THIS SATURDAY - BAH!). We won't be putting these in the shop until after the boutique, if they don't sell. We also have great "babysitter" bags to go with some of these car seat blankets. And trick-or-treat bags! Like I said, we've been sewing like crazy. Hope to see you there!

And finally, a boy blanket (I'm doing two more boy ones right now... after I type this):

1 comment:

amylouwho said...

I LOVE that red and white number! that fabric is so gorgeous, and sort of vintage kitchen-y, what line is it?

these are awesome - i hope you guys have a great show this weekend!