Thursday, December 31, 2009


I wanted to finish one more car seat blanket this year and this was the perfect one to end on. As soon as I noticed the damask on this perfect pink fabric was sparkly, I bought it. I had no plan - nothing for the under side. It didn't matter. It is so princess-y! My little girl wants to touch it and be near it.
Of course it's still just normal fabric and you can wash it like any other cotton. The other side is a pink stripe minky that I've had for a while. Having one side be so soft and the other side so beautiful makes the whole thing very delicious.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Owls Car Seat Blanket

When I was at the fabric store, I was SURE this combo was for a boy. The more I worked on it, the more I thought it was pretty gender neutral. Owls are gender neutral, right? Whatever. :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Here Come The Boys

Even though I have two really cute girl car seat blankets to make (one has sparkles - I can't stand it!), I'm still keeping with my goal of making more boy blankets.

First, some of Heather Bailey's new fabric in boy colors. Yes, yellow is a boy color. I didn't used to think so, but starting now, it is.
Besides being so cute and happy, it's also reversible:

I also did a car seat cover with alphabet fabric. Just think! If you have an older brother/sister they can learn their ABC's looking at your new baby's car seat blanket! Win-win.

Oh yeah, and it's reversible, too.

Go check out the shop before someone else buys up these cute babies! We don't sell babies - I was talking about the car seat blankets.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Boys and Girl

I've been pretty good about making boy car seat blankets lately. And yes, I'm counting a gender-neutral one.

First, an obviously male-inspired car seat blanket:

And here is an extreme close-up of a Moda Dottie in Spring Green with Ivory Dot Minky. What a lofty title:And because I couldn't help myself, I made one for a girl with a couple of Heather Bailey's new fabrics. I had them cut the plastic off these bolts so that I could get to the fabric. That's right - I didn't wait until they were up on the shelf like a nice person would have done. How embarrassing:

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nellie's Floral Car Seat Blanket

After finishing this car seat blanket I was bitter for about five seconds that I am having a boy and not a girl. I want this one for myself! I think it's so sweet. The pattern reminds me of my sweet Grandma Nellie - soft pinks and floral, and very feminine. Somebody please buy this one before I get too sad that I cannot put this one on my own car seat. :)
Buy This Car Seat Blanket

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snow Flower

I love Free Spirit's line of Snow Flower. It's so beautiful! And the colors are just so sweet. I really enjoyed making this reversible car seat blanket. It turned out so darling!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Michael Miller Damask for Telicia

I loved doing this custom car seat blanket! I love Michael Miller's fabric, and I love damask. Oh, and who can go wrong with chocolate brown dot minky? I am in love. You?

Thanks, Telicia!

Friday, December 4, 2009

More Boy Stuff

I recently took a trip to the fabric store and only bought fabric for boy car seat blankets. It was hard. Not because I don't like boy colors or boys in general, there is just not much to choose from. What the heck, fabric designers? Throw me a bone.

So I bought some bug fabric I've used before and paired it with a cool blue flannel:

(My back drop for the next few months will be my dirty patio. Enjoy.)

Then I found this awesome fabric for someone who is having a real boy and needs the world to know it.

How fun is that?! Both sides of that one are flannel - nice and soft. If you're into that. :)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

White Elephant

It's true I've used Michael Miller's animals fabric before (above - back when my grass looked awesome), but I think I've complained about the lack of baby boy-looking fabric enough that it makes it okay for me to use it again. Last time I used the blue dots on brown for the other side. This time it's the turquoise dots on brown. See? Different. Also, the animals are facing north and south instead of east and west. But you noticed that. :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Another Amy Butler Combo

Finally some time off to sew (something other than the quilt I'm working on, I mean)! Here is another Amy Butler Love car seat blanket. I promise the next five or six car seat blankets that I make will be for boys. At least the next two. :)
My grass is so ugly right now! Add the fact that it gets dark at 4:30 and that equals I need to find a new place to photograph these things. Sigh.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Back to Work

I'm slowly getting rid of my stash of fabric for car seat covers (and adding to my other stash of scraps and whatever for quilts). Here are three from the last week or so. I haven't fallen in love with boy fabric for a while, so I'm doing dots for boys. Anyone seen anything new for boys? I'm on a fabric fast (except for custom orders - throw me a bone, people) during the month of November. What am I missing out on?
Amy Butler's Memento in navy blue and Sunspots in wine. I really like this one.

Can't believe I haven't already made this already, what with my love of Moda Dottie fabric and need for boy car seat covers. This isn't a great photo - it's very cuddly in real life.
I'm finally calling it - that is black, not midnight blue. I used black thread. It's black. Right?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Can't Stay Away From Black & White

I'm always tempted by the black and white fabrics. And they look really cool on the car seat, too.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The One Left Behind

In my marathon of making car seat blankets for the boutique, there was one that didn't get made. I'm kind of glad, because a friend of mine bought it the other day and it will be perfect for her sister-in-law. The sister-in-law is having her 4th girl in a few weeks. We're thinking she might be done with pink. :)

(First time using my sewing room/office to take the picture. I'm kind of happy about the result. Maybe I won't have to go all the way upstairs and outside for the photo shoots anymore.)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Boutique Success

Saturday October 10th we had our first boutique. The morning was very cold, so the crowds were thin. I wish I could say it warmed up, but the wind was so bitter!

The good news is we sold some fun blankets from our inventory. The better news for you is that we have a bunch of car seat blankets left over to put up in The Butterfly Net Shop. We're putting one new car seat blanket up every day so keep checking to see the new surprises! New Amy Butler, Michael Miller, and Moda - all great car seat blankets!

Here are some pictures to pique your interest:

Friday, October 9, 2009

Last Ones... For Real This Time

This is it! These are the last ones I'm making before tomorrow. I should have been done earlier, but as I was leaving the fabric store with my no-good-ivory-thread (unbeknown to me at the time), I saw the new Amy Butler fabric near the door. Who? What? What?! Of course I bought some. Later on that. Here are the boy car seat blankets:

This is as close as I've been to making the same cover twice. The difference is this one is reversible and I made the chocolate on blue the "wrap around" this time. Hmmm. Looks the same.

Vintage style cowboys & cowgirls at a rodeo. Why do I always have a cowboy one?

And now, the one that stopped me in my tracks when I was so close to being done. I love these colors, but I never would have put them together. Amy Butler is a genius! If my sister, Allyn, was having a baby girl, this would be her's. And I would insist that she do all her baby stuff in this color. I'm in charge like that.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fun Stuff for the Boutique

We've been sewing like crazy the last few days getting ready for the Tuscany Neighborhood Boutique on Saturday, October 10th (THIS SATURDAY - BAH!). We won't be putting these in the shop until after the boutique, if they don't sell. We also have great "babysitter" bags to go with some of these car seat blankets. And trick-or-treat bags! Like I said, we've been sewing like crazy. Hope to see you there!

And finally, a boy blanket (I'm doing two more boy ones right now... after I type this):

Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Fabric Crush

I'm not totally over Riley Blake (there's one on deck right now), but I'm really liking Patricia Bravo's Girly Girl line. The colors are fun, the patterns are interesting. The names she's given them, however, are kind of lame. Seriously... "Dangling Ovals"? I don't think so.
I'd like to make an argument for orange. It's not the new pink or anything, but it's a happy color. Give it a chance, coach!