Monday, February 25, 2013

No More Monkeys - I Mean Minkies

Is it cold where you are living? My kids and I were so excited that the temperature was above freezing that we went outside to play this afternoon. Don't worry, it was only 38 degrees. What?! We're just a tad anxious to have spring here. My hyacinth are popping out of my frozen and snow-covered garden areas. Brr!

Speaking of the snow-covered ground, the dead grass makes for very poor pictures. I can't decide which is worse - the dead grass or my blah carpet in the front room. Today I chose the carpet. Meh.

Our minky car seat blankets are always a quick sale. We stock up, but then they're gone quickly. Especially in these winter months in northern Utah. Check out our Etsy shop, The Butterfly Net, to peruse these and other delightful finds!

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