Sunday, October 24, 2010

I thought my love affair with Michael Miller's "Plain Jane" fabric had ended because I couldn't find it at any of my usual fabric store haunts.  In fact, I had only seen the giant daisies in one store ever.  I happened to be at that far away store and noticed they had a little bit of the black and red left.  Irresistible.  So here is the last one.  For real:

OK - maybe it's not the last one.  I might have enough of the navy and yellow giant daisy (this store was hiding it, I'm sure of it) to make one of those...

One of the first car seat blankets I made was with the blue version of this sweet toy parade.  The color is so gentle and "baby" and lovely, but it doesn't photograph well.  At least I don't photograph it well.

Just trust me - especially with the minky, this one is delicious.

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