Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wheelies, Plain Jane, and BIG NEWS

I wasn't even going to buy fabric yesterday, but two things were so irresistible that I not only bought fabric yesterday, I made two car seat covers this morning! Love feeling inspired.

First, Riley Blake's new Wheelies line in flannel - very soft and one of my favorite boy colors, orange:
The other is Michael Miller's Plain Jane fabric in black, red, and white. My sister, Katy, should probably not see this because she'll want to have another baby tomorrow. It's so her! Maybe it's also "so someone you know"? Go to our shop to view more photos. It really is so so cute. (I also got the hot pink version of this fabric.)

We have some really big news. We're celebrating our 100th sale by having a give away of epic proportions for everyone who has ever bought a car seat blanket from us. At the end of the week we'll post photos and of the beautiful stuff we're giving away plus how you can still be entered!

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amylouwho said...

oh my word. That car fabric is adorable. I think I need to make Andrew a big boy quilt. SO cute. Orange is his favorite color too!