Saturday, February 28, 2009


My sister, Jen, is due with her fourth boy any second. I made the froggy car seat blanket for her months ago - before all the fantastic improvements we've made. Of course I had to make a totally different car seat blanket with bugs fabric for her. The contrasting handles made my day.


allyn said...

i love the bugs! and the contrasting handles. she will be so stylin'.

Kristi said...

I'm in love with the bugs! So cute.

Samuel and Melissa said...

Hi - Your mom sent me the Dandelion Fields with white minky blanket when I had a baby boy in November. I put it on the first day I got it and haven't taken it off once! I LOVE the cover. It helps keep my little guy cozy when it is cold or raining and keeps the sun out when he is sleeping. I've had lots of people ask me about it, so I'm glad that I can refer them somewhere now! When you start up an Etsy shop, let me know! -

Your other fabrics are super cute, too, and the construction on this one not only looks great, but it has held up really well, too. Great product!

Thanks from California!

Melissa Aina