Tuesday, December 16, 2008

MaryAnn's Giveaway and Alissa's Gift

I didn't want to post pictures until I knew their blankets made it to them. I'm hoping Alissa's made it to her. :)

I've been working on an improvement. One of my complaints with the plain blanket is this: My baby is asleep in the car seat and the handle is in the lowered position. I pull the handle up to carry him around, and the viser stays down while the handle comes up - along with the blanket. Now the blanket has fallen on my baby's head and wakes him up. Grr.

No more of that, though! What do you think?

Here's MaryAnn's frog giveaway:

And here's Alissa's gift for her baby boy coming in January:

I almost forgot to show and tell about the thank yous I made to match the cover for Alissa. They're 4.5" x 5" flat cards with envelopes. I should've taken a picture of it put all together since I wrapped them in a strip of dotted fabric from the top of the blanket. SO cute! Since I didn't take a picture of hers, this is a picture of my friend Melanie's gift I'm giving to her for her baby Phoebe. It shows how cute they are printed and all wrapped up ready to give - a perfect little "extra" for the mom.


Katy said...

So pretty! I need some, but I know I'll see you in a few days, so we'll talk then. As for the handle problem, couldn't you unhook the blanket from the handle and put the handle in the down position, but leaving the blanket on? Or just don't put the handle down.

allyn said...

i love the polka dots with the brown minky. your combos are ideal and classy.

good work, girls!